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Grooming is essential to your pet’s health, happiness and wellbeing.

Keep your dog happy and healthy with MoreThanPaws dog grooming.


Full Groom

  • Full Groom service includes the following:

  • Full body haircut

  • Shaving paw pads and sanitary trim around the rear

  • Brushing and undercoat removal

  • Shampoo & conditioning treatment

  • Blow drying

  • Nail clipping

  • Ear cleaning (Plucking only if needed)

  • Deodorising coat spray

Small Breeds= £30

Medium Breeds= £35

Large Breeds = £45

X-Large Breeds = £55

Canine Hairdresser

Wash and Tidy

Wash & Tidy service includes the following:

  • Brushing and undercoat removal

  • Haircutting around the face, paws, rear and sanitary trim.

  • Shampoo and conditioning treatment

  • Blow drying

  • Nail clipping

  • Ear cleaning (Plucking only if needed)

  • Mouth washing

  • Deodorising coat spray

Toy/X-Small Breeds = £20

Small Breeds  = £25

Medium Breeds = £30

Large Breeds = £40

X-Large Breeds = £50



  • Ear cleaning (Plucking only if needed)

  • Nail clipping

  • Shampoo and conditioning treatment

  • Light brush out

  • Deodorising coat spray

Toy/X-Small Breeds = £10

Small Breeds = £15

Medium Breeds = £20

Large Breeds= £25

X-Large Breeds = £30


Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is the process of pulling the dead hair out of the coat of a non-shedding dog.

​Hand stripping service includes the following:

  • Full body stripping

  • Shampoo and conditioning

  • Nail clipping

  • Sanitary trim around the rear

  • Deodorising coat spray

Prices start at £55, however this will depend on the size of breed and the readiness of the coat.


Extra Services

*Can be requested separately or added to the other services.

  • Nail Clipping = £5 (Walk-ins welcome before 2pm)

  • Flea and Tick removal (Depends on severity) = £10

  • De-matting cost- £5 per extra 20 Mins used.


Ultrasound oral care treatments

  • First visit (own personal toothbrush) = £25

  • Subsequent visits = £15

  • 10 sessions in advance = £120

  • 20 sessions in advance = £210


Dog Collection and delivery Service

  • Free within 1 Mile

  • £5 within 3 Miles

  • Further distance by arrangement


A Little About Myself

I have had the amazing fortune to live in various wonderful locations with my family across the UK and Germany and I have chosen to settle in beautiful Ivybridge with my Wife Helen. I served for 25 years in the Royal Engineers where I traveled all around the world, in my various roles as a Patrol Dog Handler, Bomb Disposal Engineer and a Construction Engineer reaching the rank of Warrant Officer. I have for the last 3 years been working as a Project Manager for a company building commercial solar farms across the globe and I now feel it is time to change back to the career that I am most passionate about and truly enjoy which is working with dogs, I have many years of experience working with dogs in the harshest of environments, where I have had to put my life in a dogs paws and theirs in mine. Due to this bond is why I decided to change back to working with dogs again.

I promise you I will always put your pet first and I will ensure that the service I offer is tailored to best suit your dog to ensure their safety, wellbeing and that they gain maximum enjoyment from the experience.


Contact Me

2 High Acre Dr, Ivybridge PL21 9UJ, UK


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